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Anxious Media is a digital studio based in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in visual design, user experience, branding, and original music.

Professional, unique content for brands

Today’s digital landscape is all about content creation. Standing out in a very crowded arena depends entirely on the quality and consistency of your content. Anxious Media is uniquely suited to do just that, with over twenty years of experience.

Choose your creative adventure

Anxious Media is a multi-disciplinary digital studio led by Charlie Pratt, focusing on various aspects of the brand experience.

Visual Design (UI)

Web design, mobile app design, design systems, and conceptual protyping.

User Experience (UX)

Heuristic analysis, journey mapping, persona definition, and fast, low-fidelity protyping.


We help companies create and evolve their brands, from logo creation to brand messaging. 

Original Music

We create original music for digital content, including podcasts, videos, and other projects. 

Making new things is one of the great joys of life. Let's talk.

Charlie Pratt, Creative Director

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Anxious Media is a digital studio specializing in visual design, user experience, branding, and original music.